Thursday, 22 May 2008

Bits and Bobs

Well having started a thread on the Agility Forum with regards to classes for small and mediums I'm now going to sit back for a bit and see what develops. There are some people with very strong opinions so it could run and run or fizzle out in a day or so especially now Supadogs is only a couple of days away.

Looking forward to Supadogs I'm afraid I'm not as excited about it this year as I usually am perhaps last year put me off a bit and it wasn't that much to do with the weather either. Let's hope the day parking is slightly closer to the rings as walking backwards and forwards half and hour each time with 3 dogs is not going to be fun. Entries seem to be down this year too as there are only 11 rings instead of the usual 12, still enormous though.

Not much hope of me getting into the finals so I've booked my car to be serviced and MOTed on the Friday suppose I could always take the camper if I do get in which may be a problem as I seemed to have lost the keys to it, I know I had them on Saturday but I can't find them anywhere.

Tom was really good last night but I have come to the conclusion that the sniffing is mostly caused by ME (no suprise there then) if I go wrong even if I'm upbeat with him my shoulders drop and he worries and sniffs so I'm really going to have to watch that.

We did tunnel, seesaw, weaves and the fact he loves weaves seemed to make him go further to the end of the seesaw but he still slows down from the tip point. I treated him every time we did it and then geed him into the weaves which he loves.

He was the same on the dogwalk until I shushed at him going across then he ran off then end, even though he got his contact I did the dogwalk again, shushed him again and he stopped which shows he knows what I'm after.

I was very jealous of Nancy getting a new puppy until this morning when Tom and Dudley both got on the bed for a lovely cuddle and made me appreciate what I've got and not look over the fence for greener grass. Looking forward to meeting Zeki though :)

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