Tuesday, 20 May 2008


It was freezing on Saturday and even though it wasn't raining I resorted to putting on my waterproofs to try and warm up.

Thomas' first run was the Olympia qualifier and I really liked the course but cocked up at jump 5 and eliminated us then went on to eliminated us a couple more times before finishing. Poor Tom, I must get a T shirt saying 'nice dog, shame about the handler'.

Dudley was really naughty and took every opportunity to make me look even more stupid but enjoyed himself immensely.

Tom seemed to think helter, skelter meant he had to run round each jump before going over but then went to his 3-4 jumping and worked really hard and came 8th which made the whole day worth it as it was quite a big class and had 3 pull throughs and wall. He's really starting to do great finishes and powers away from me which is fine all the time it's a straight line I'm going to be buggered when we get a turn or something :-)

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