Sunday, 6 April 2008


Today was Downlands and even though we woke up to about an inch of snow I decided to go anyway because it was indoors. Dudley had 2 runs today and the first was G1-7 agility, the little terrierist wouldn't wait so it was lucky I could get away with a running start and he spent much of the course attempting to bite my ankles but by shouting 'out' at him every time he made to grab me I was about to get him round in a reasonable time for him. There was a large contingency of medium merlies there which came 1st to 5th so no place but I was really happy that he was enjoying agility again, his jumping was a lovely course set by Amanda Pigg and apart from a missed weave entry which was probably my fault he did a really nice round so a successful day with regards to him.

Suzi was a bit cold even with her coat on and never runs at her best like that so I was pleased to get 2 clear in the steeplechase and the jumping, her agility would have been better if I hadn't confidently and in a very positive voice sent her into the weaves instead if the up the seesaw. Oh well there's always next time and she did get all her contacts which I'd struggled with at training last week.

Now to Tom, I'd love to say that things had been fantastic and to be honest parts of each round were brilliant but other parts were just a complete sniff fest and in the jumping I got completely lost and stood right in front of the jump he had to go over then forgot where to go next, 'Oh cock' as James May would have said.

All the time we were there the snow kept coming down so I thought I'd take them for a walk on Ashdown Forest on the way home. Dudley loves snow and gets very over excited, Thomas wasn't too sure but soon got the hang of dashing about in this funny white stuff until we came round a corner and met a snowman which was very scary and had to be barked at in a very manly way. Suzi hated it and stayed right behind me for most of the time.

Here are a few photos, I would have liked to take more but the battery went of the camera about 10 minutes into the walk. The first couple are at the stables this morning when I went to turn out my pony Fenella.


leah gardner said...

i want to see a picture of your pony! x

Paula said...

Your wish is my command

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