Monday, 11 February 2008

Weave workshop

Sunday morning I took Tom and Suzi to Sharon Eldridge for a weave workshop. Suzi was in the first group which was made up of babies and less experienced dogs as although she's been competing for 2 years she's not very independant in the weaves and I wanted to really go back to the beginning and see if I could encourage her to push on without me. I got some good ideas but have to admit that he sense of humour kicked in again and she tried to pretend that she didn't know how to get weave entries. I knew she was laughing at me:)

Tom was in the group that had done a bit more and I was a bit nervous as I wasn't sure that he would be up to it, I needn't have worried as he did all the exercises the others did including going into the weaves on his own while I stood back, he nearly managed to do all 12 without me.

Afterwards we went for a walk in some forestry commission woods near Battle, it was only supposed to be for about 45 minutes to give Duds a quick walk after sitting in the car all morning but the path didn't turn as I thought it would and we ended up being gone for an hour and 40 minutes and on this occasion I was really worried that we were lost and was considering phoning Sharon to get her to send out a search party. Nice quiet evening though as Duds and Tom just crashed out when we got home. Dudley had a whale of a time charging through the undergrowth but came back at one point with blood all down his face where he'd caught his ear on something.

Suzi and Dudley are at the hairdresser tomorrow so I will post some pictures of them looking clean and smart tomorrow.


Sharon said...

So glad you enjoyed it Paula, Thomas was a star. Sounds like you walked in Battle Great Woods, it is lovely in there and although the carpark is busy, sometimes you don't see anyone when your walking around. I like walking round there and being that some of the paths are concrete, you dont have to get really muddy.

Sarah and Leslie said...

Hehe maybe you should consider some sort of GPS tracking system! Nice to have a quiet evening though!

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