Saturday, 9 February 2008

Friday night training.

Took my video camera with me last night and talked on of the other handlers to video some of the stuff we did.

The first clip is the first run and you can see me and Leah discussing where he stopped on the seesaw, the second is after us working on getting him to run to the end of the contact using cheese squidged on the end. Poor Julie who was filming was very apologetic as she thought she was filming the seesaw work but had forgotten to press the button. You can see that he was definatly going further but not right to the end so more work there but I'm happy that he is getting more confident about going on there and doesn't get all wimpy after the first attempt like he's been doing.

I've also included a quick bit on him doing the weaves, I've decided to get a really special toy that he only gets when we do weaves as although he's not that slow I think he can go much faster. I've been clicking his exit but last night managed to get my timing completely wrong TWICE and clicked him as he missed the last weave.

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