Saturday, 9 February 2008

The problem with having a white dog......

is when you go for a nice long walk in the winter this is what they end up looking like:)

We all went and tried a walk I read about on Nancy & Andy's blog at Broadwater Forest near Eridge. I parked near the rocks and set off but soon realised that I should have worn my wellies rather than my walking boots as boy was it muddy. Dudley was in his element as mud, water and woods are his most favourite things and he ran around non stop and is now fast asleep in Tom's bed. He found a pond or two to swim in too and although this photo isn't brillient it shows how slim he looks under all his hair.

Plus have a look at the colour of the sky, I can't believe what a beautiful day it has been and how warm, luckily I didn't wear my big coat as I would have been boiling.

Luckily I've got quite a good sense of direction but even I was starting to wonder if I'd find the car again as I'd been following Dudley and not really taking too much notice but I needen't have worried as he seemed to know where he was going and eventually the rocks came into sight way before dark:)


Sarah and Leslie said...

I've had a walk like that before problem is with Collies is that they don't really want to find the car so i ended up lost for 2 hours. When i eventually found someone it turs out i was heading the wrong way. Ooops

Hudsondoglets said...

Hey, glad you found the rocks. Haven't looked at the video yet but will do so. Going to bed now as I'm tired!

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