Thursday, 7 February 2008

More on waits and sniffs

Training last night was a more positive evening with Tom, he did lovely waits and worked really nicely. He still got distracted by gorgeous horsey smells but the second time I just ran away without calling him and the next thing I knew he was sprinting for the finish passing me to get to his pot first. The others said he suddenly looked up and realised I wasn't there, he did a beautiful running A frame too and luckily I had his tuggy in my hand so could have a really good game with him.

The rest of the lesson went well until the last 10 minutes when he started sniffing again but came back as soon as I called rather than his usual head down and ignore me.

Suzi was a good girl too but kept testing me by appearing to be a bit flat and slow then suddenly speeding up just as I was trying to do a reverse or front cross and making me have to run to get there when I thought I had plenty of time. I think she has a weird sense of humour and gets real pleasure from seeing me get in a kerfufle.

1 comment:

chafford dogs said...

Like the new pictures!
Glad Tom was a good boy! xx

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