Sunday, 17 February 2008

It's official........ little boy is a 'Small'. I took him to be measured today and all my worrying was for nothing as he is most definatley under the bar. I knew he was really but he's not much smaller than Dudley so I was getting in a pickle thinking I was going to have another mini medium.

Training this week was mainly much more positive but he was still very sniffy, Mac suggested rather than waiting until he started sniffing and calling him to me I should say a sharp 'Ah,Ah' as his head was going down. This seemed to work so I will keep trying this combined with running away from him if he really gets his nose into something.

Dog walk - nice and fast over it and if there is a target straight to the bottom, no target and stopping halfway. Leah thinks we may be having the same problem as Nancy where I'm eyeballing him as he comes down. He knows he has to stop but seems intimidated by me looking at him so I will be encouraging him down by being with him for a while then try running past but not look at him.

1 comment:

Karen said...

really pleased for you Paula you are both gunna have loads of fun next year x

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