Saturday, 12 January 2008

Busy time for Tom

Last night we started back to training with ANJU and even though we got soaking wet getting the equipment out of the trailer I really enjoyed our lesson and I think Tom did too. We had two new dogs starting with us and I thought he might be a bit distracted by them but he didn't really take any notice of them other than a quick 'Hello' and was more interested in tarting with one of his girlie friends.

Targeting his dog walk again seems to have got him going right to the bottom again and he's really confident when running along it, he loves his contacts and even did the seesaw quite well although he did hesitate a bit just as it started to tip. He was a bit naughty and kept breaking his wait so I'm going to do more at home with him as I've let them slip a bit over Christmas. I usually make him wait after I let him off the lead on our walks and only release him once Dudley has run off but I have to admit to being a bit naughty and just letting him go.

Today Tom has been to play with Obay Caught in the Act (Kizzy) at Andy and Nancy's and is now stretched out fast asleep......BLISS!!

Although Kizzy is younger than Tom she's so good at weaves and consistantly gets her entries wherever Andy is and he let me in on the secret, which is to work on doing entries from all angles on the lead until the dog confidently gets them every time. We had a little play on the seesaw and doing some tight turns wrapping round wings then had a cup of tea while the dogs chased round with Kizzy showing Tom lovely things like the compost heap, I think Tom may be in love as he's found a girl after his own heart.

I would really like to thank Andy for letting me in on some of his training techniques and Nancy for letting them both come out to play, I got lots of things to think about but for now I'm happy that Tom's so tired and I'm going to enjoy the peace while I can.


Hudsondoglets said...

Glad you enjoyed and that you've had a peaceful evening - makes a nice change when you've got these little termite invaders living with you!

It's great to share techniques, so much of what we've learned with Kizzy is thanks to her very own Gran'ma Obay. Bernadette has set Andy lots of exercises which he has followed, sometimes shaping them a little to suit his partnership with Kizzy. They have formed the foundation of his training with this little pointed person!

Thomas is looking great and you should be very proud of what you've achieved with him thus far.

Onwards and often in my case .... sideways!

Anonymous said...

Thank god i compete in large! I would be getting very worried right now.
Get another training video, the last one was really inspiring and a great watch! It would be great to see his targeting in action. He is a great ambasador for rescued dogs and you should be so proud of him... now get on with getting a video!!!

OBay Shelties said...

How great that you can train with little Kizzle! You are totally convinced that Tom is part sheltie! haha If it gives you more confidence then we will let you believe; but don't start complaining if he starts to bark! hehe

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