Saturday, 8 December 2007

Well whatever Dudley and Thomas are on I would like some!!

Last night they were both wild and although I could keep up with Duds, he wont usually go any faster than me, Thomas was running like a thing possessed and panicy directional commands from 4 jumps back with an occasionally remembered STEEEADYYYY made me realise what is likely to happen when we actually get in the show ring. Think we are going to have fun, well he is anyway and I'm going to have to get fitter, work on our lefts and rights and really work on our 'Steady'.

Leah put the tunnel under the dog walk which we all hate but the first time we did it Thomas was very good and went up the dog walk when I told him, wish i could say the same for Dudley, but I tried to 'push' him over number 3 when I would probably have been better 'pulling' him. I have done a plan of what we we did so you can see how awful she is to us.

Opened a new pot of CSJ Go On herbs and think they may be extra strength either that or they've got hold of some go faster drugs from the dealers in the area (rumoured but never actually seen) and if the latter I want to know why they haven't offered me any!

We're off to Just Mini's show tomorrow and I have a feeling the Dudley will be in full ankle biting mode but Suzi quite likes Golden Cross so I'm hoping she'll be good and bring home another rosette for Dad.

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Anonymous said...

Had a good day at Just Mini's? I'm sure people who view your blog would love to see a training video of Dudley, Suzi and Thomas. Then we can all see how they perform. As i have written before... TRAINING VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!

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