Monday, 31 December 2007

Lazy blogger

Been really naughty and not updated by blog for ages my excuse is that there is no internet at Dad's where I've been over Christmas.

Had a very quiet time and just been walking the dogs and chilling out. Took them to the South Downs on Friday to walk with a friend who has 4 border terriers, it was really windy but not very muddy except in a few places and we were out for 2 hours walking up and down steep hills and admiring great views. Dudley was on on the go for the whole walk and for a lot of it we could only hear his bell to tell us where he was. Tom and Suzi were much more sedate and mainly stayed with me although Tom did have a good run round but keeping me in view all the time.

Yesterday I took him to on a Balance and Coordination course run by Hannah Banks. It was really interesting as we were doing very low impact things. The point was to help the dogs realise where their feet are and to learn to turn round things without knocking them and really use their back legs when turning. To do this we got them walking through ladders and over very low, light jumps (made with cones) and wobble boards. The wobble boards were brilliant but Thomas was having none of it and would only go on them if I was holding them still which defeated the whole object but we did start to learn the elephant trick. I can get him to stand on a box with his front feet when I say 'elephant' and he will bow but I can't get him to go round yet. The bowing wasn't intentional but happened because of my crap sense of timing but it looks quite good.

He's really funny as he doesn't seem to like anything if it moves under his feet such as the wobble board, this doesn't bode well for the seesaw but now I know I can work on it.

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Hudsondoglets said...

No lazy, just chilling! I think everyone deserves a break over the Christmas holiday (even from blogging!)

I always do lots of work with my own pups (and when I train others) to get back end awareness. I'm really glad it seems to be catching on big time in agility. I think it's so important both in terms of the animal's physical fitness and their awareness. I can't wait to see Thomas in action again!

Happy New Year to you.

p.s. have passed on your kind message to Mac.

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