Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Eve and I'm at work with nothing to do except wait for phone calls to come and and to be honest I can't really see many of them happening. Looks like I'll be here til 5.30 as no one has said anything about leaving any earlier and as I haven't been here very long I don't know what usually happens.

Decided to make a video to put on here showing that it's not all work and no play for Tom but only seem to manage to get shots of him and Dudley piddling up every blade of grass and tree stump although I did manage to record Dudley rolling in something unsavoury but only the sound as the camera was pointing at Thomas who was doing nothing other than look at me. I'll try and edit something together and maybe I'll get something good over Christmas.

They spent an hour and a half pottering about at the stables yesterday while I mucked out and chatted. Tom was fascinated by the chickens and watched them for ages but only barked at them once, I'm not convinced that he wouldn't chase them if he could get in with them but their run is pretty secure. Duds takes no notice of them at all after trying to chase them as a pup and getting a clout with their owners hat.

Dudley is so jealous of my pony and will stand and bark at her for ages if he sees me paying any attention to her. She doesn't care and just looks at him which I'm sure makes his blood boil. Initially I thought Tom was going to be a chaser but he now takes no notice of the horses at all except to try and steal their feed from under their noses.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, eat too much, watch too much telly and enjoy the company of friends and family.

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Lorna said...

Have a good Xmas - have fun with the videoing - its one of my next jobs to try and get some video of the pup!

Lorna x

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