Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Poor Thomas

After 7 months Dudley has decided, this week, that he wants to be top dog and take no nonsense from a young whipasnapper like Tom. The way he's doing this is that every time Tom is let out of his crate, either in the morning or after he's eaten, he has a go at him. Luckily it's all noise with Duds but Thomas has not been backing down and it's been turning into a major slanging match with me shouting 'OI' at both of them. I have been trying different ways of not letting the situation arise but Dudley has been adamant that Tom needs shouting at and will wait for several minutes after Tom has been let out to go in for the kill. I'm sure it will all settle down again but it's a bit stressful waiting for it to happen. Things were a bit better this morning as Thomas came out of the crate, not looking at Dudley and wandered off without any reaction for Duds at all. Can't quite believe that after 6 years Dudley is trying to be the big He man as I'm used to him being the Julian Clary member of the household!!!

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