Thursday, 18 October 2007

Much more positive

Last night's session was much more positive with little sniffing and easily distracted when he did. I was going to try something suggested by Nancy which was to tie him up away from me so he was more focused on me when he was working but due to the way the course was set out and where we had to stand I couldn't do it last night but will definatly try this on Friday night.

He was really starting to look for the next obstacle last night and I've either got to get a wriggle on to beat him to things or really work and rely on distance control!!!

We were talking last night about how hard it is to train a completely beginner dog if you are a complete beginner yourself and I thought what a great idea a handling course would be with dogs that already do agility so you can get the basics under your belt before starting with your own dog. Everyone looked at me as if I was mad but I'm sure there would be some benefits to this, the only thing would be finding dogs that would work for other people and handlers prepared to let their dogs be handled by complete beginners.


Anonymous said...

Wahoo! see Saturday was just a very bad day for Thomas, well done! Whatever you did that at training do again from now on. Maybe tying him up isnt necessary? Just a thought.

Val said...

Same for me and Feebs Paula. Last night was a blast. She has sped up and looking for the next obstacle. She is now also watching the working dog and not playing with others in her class. Good for you and Tom. Looking forward to seeing him compete soon at our show.

Which Way Now Tom Tom said...

Thanks for you comments.

Lorna said...

Sounds like Thomas is doing Fab.

Have fun with the training.

Lorna and Cadbury x

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