Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Louandi Show 24/10/10

I didn't get Tom's first run on video but I wish I had as it was great and he would have come 7th but they only placed to 6th and that was against all the large dogs. I think he was also the fastest small/medium in that class.

His next agility run wouldn't have been bad either if I hadn't put him in the wronng end of the tunnel as you can plainly see below. If it wasn't on film I would have been convinced that I hadn't flung my arm out. The bit after the dog walk was him going to have a look at the number for some reason which was straight in front of him.


Angela said...

Woohoo look at you mrs slim knickers....I'm green with envy, let alone how well Tom ran, well done xxxx

dog training said...

very nice to train, a champion dog!

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