Friday, 18 December 2009

Walking in a winter wonderland

Woke up to loads of snow this morning and it doesn't matter how old I get seeing snow when I pull back the curtains always makes me very excited.

Luckily Tom had his new coat so after wrapping both of us up nice and warm we set off for the local rec then walked through the woods to Dad's.

Dudley used to love the snow so it was bitter sweet today BUT he never got snow balls like Tom does, poor little lad was so funny trying to walk with great big clumps of snow hanging round his legs. When I was getting them off he even had them hanging from his little boy bit.


Lian said...

Lovely photos! Lucky you have so much snow! I am really envy!!

Hudsondoglets said...

Great photos Paula. Glad to see Tom has his new coat!

Vicky said...

Handsome Tom!

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