Monday, 13 July 2009

Agility Boot Camp

Not as tough as it sounds with no pressups, no route marches and no compulsary head shaving but still hard work and really great fun.

Leah and Nancy had put an enormous amount of work in to organising the weekend and I would really like to say THANKS and I can't wait to do it all over again.

There were 2 rings set up, one for jumping and one for agility and each day they had a different course for us to work which I thought was a brillant idea as neither the handlers or the dogs got bored or complacent. We did a lot of work on tightening up our turns and also on getting the dog to go on to jumps away from us and not keep looking back or twiddling which helps a the finish when you've just about had it. I'm lucky that Tom has always done this very well but it was nice to do some extra stuff to reinforce it. I would be impossible to put everything down here and not have a post that's 10 pages long so I'm not going to but I had a great time and the venue and instruction where second to none.

It was nice to be able to chill out with my dogs and just do nothing but read books in between the training and I'm glad that I didn't book to do the extra clinics too as I think it would have given Tom major overload and probably undone all the we had learned.

On pooped participant.

Leah & Nancy taking a break with their puppies.

I want one of these!

and just because I liked this picture.

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