Sunday, 2 November 2008

My cage is ready and I'm going to pick it up next Friday, I very excited even though I've got to to the other side of Peterborough. Think Dudley is looking forward to not having Tom jump all over him every time he gets in the car.

After the being out every weekend of the agility season not having a show at the weekend is actually really nice and restful and only having one lesson in the last month has actually been quite nice, just walking the dogs and watching the telly is something I'm sure I'm getting too used to luckily we're back to training with a vengence from tomorrow.

I've also been asked to do my first judging appointment, luckily it's a club night but I'm still quite nervous and have been trying to work out some courses as I have everything from real beginners to G7s.

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Hudsondoglets said...

Good luck with your first judging appointment. Enjoy!

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