Monday, 20 October 2008

Not happy with me, Oh dear me no.....

Dudley is not happy with me at the moment because yesterday I clipped him, I know he should be stripped but he has the most awful coat for stripping so it's easier to clip.

I haven't got a grooming table so was sitting on the floor giving him a number 2 all over but at the moment he looks like he's wearing fluffy moon boots as I couldn't do his legs as close as I would have liked. The only problem is that it got cold in the night so in the early hours of this morning he wanted to come under the covers and told me in no uncertain terms by jabbing me with his cold wet nose :)

As there had been no coughs on Friday I took Duds and Tom to Camber Sands on Saturday and although it was a lovely day there weren't many other dogs there which could have been because we got there as the tide was coming in but there was still loads of sand visible. Dudley went absolutely mad and was doing the tail crooked down run for ages, at one point all I could see was a small brown dot in the distance which them started to roll in what I hoped was just the dry sand. Thomas found a dead crab and ate most of it after carrying it around for ages, it didn't seem to do him any harm but drinking the sea water made him a bit sick and sorry for himself but I noticed that the crab didn't come back up.

They both love the beach but Suzi hates it so she stayed at home with her Dad, I do have to regulate how long they are there for though as I don't think they would stop until they were exhausted. I must buy a tide table as you can only get a few days on the internet and I want to see what the tides are going to be over Christmas.

My friend went to Shrewsbury and she said it was the most relaxed show she's been to for ages with only 3 rings and enough helpers, she offered to help more than the hour she had put down for but they didn't need her, how many shows can you say that about. I really hope they put it on again next year as I'd love to go.


Val said...

Get yourself some thinning scissors Paula and do the 'moon boots' by scissoring to length required. Although I do have a grooming table I've recently been grooming Phoebe in the warmth of the lounge...vaccuum cleaner working overtime.

Karen said...

Ha ha I groom in the house too as its too cold in the garage, I did Tikka yesterday much to her discust :0>

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