Friday, 12 September 2008

Leah has restructured her classes and Tom has moved into another class with mostly all new dogs. We worked really hard last night and I don't know about Tom but I was knackered, more to do with that fact that we've had a break for the summer and that I had to think much harder about how to run the courses than how unfit I am :)

The class is also longer than he's used to and I thought he might get over tired and was prepared to only do half the class but by popping him out for a chill out and a wee a couple of times he lasted the whole class without getting sniffy or distracted and I was very pleased with what we achieved, just wish Leah hadn't gone off the the Europeans and come back with some weird European ideas for weave entries and obstacle discrimination!!

One thing I did find was that he couldn't seem to see one of the pipe tunnels even though it was straight in front of him and kept either running past it or looking back at me, not sure it this was the lighting but I must keep an eye on it. I'm also going to go back to targeting his dogwalk for a while as although he goes across quite fast he's started to creep down to the contact, he's still faster than Dudley though.

Just found another blog gadget and have added it down the bottom so if you fancy becoming a Tom Tom follower I think you just have to click on it.

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