Monday, 11 August 2008

Go Weave

As we didn't go to the KC Festival I booked Tom and myself on a weave workshop in Somerset which thinking about it now I was probably a little mad to drive a round trip of 350 miles for an hour and a half but we did then go to Burnham on Sea afterwards to meet up with some friends and enjoy a very bracing run on the dog friendly beach.

The reason I went on the course was mainly because what we did was videoed so we could see exactly what we were doing wrong/right we also sat down to review what we'd done between exercises so the dogs weren't weaving constantly and therefore getting bored with it. I was hoping to sort out our ring problems but Tom weaved really well and I couldn't seem to duplicate what goes wrong. I did discover that I run like a duck though and that even if I give him loads of room I come in towards the last weave nearly every time especially if it looks as if Tom's nose is going down. I'm not sure that driving all that way was really worth it as I didn't learn anything I didn't already know but the video is useful.

We then moved on to the beach and this, according to Dudley, made the long drive all worth while. Both dogs love the beach and this one was gorgeous, loads of sand and dunes to explore and even a pond to swim in. The weather could have been a bit better but the company was great and all the dogs there were well behaved and played as if they'd know each other forever.

Here are a few of the 60 odd photos I took.

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Sometimes it is good to confirm what you already know! :-)

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