Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Suzi and her blooming dog walk

Last night at training Suzi's first dog walk contact was really good she ran right to the end but what we had to do was go over a jump then turn and come back along the dog walk and the little minx just launched herself from about 6 inches before the contact. Wendy then got me to do it again without saying anything and the same thing happened, we then tried it with a target right at the bottom same thing so Wendy put it on the contact and it was a little better. I'm going to try to not say anything to her as I think to her my command is the signal to jump. She's a monster disguised as a cute, white, fluffy thing with a horrible sense of humour :)

I normally take Tom with me on a Monday and he sits and watches and is very good which makes a change as when it's his night to train he can bark and lunge and be a right pain. Leah let me have a go at some weaves with him, we just did them a few times which I'm going to carry on doing with him at home just so we get back some of our confidence.

Off camping at the weekend at Cranleigh where the BAA have a show, it's just two rings so I'm hoping it's going to be nice and relaxed. Everyone has to do an hour on a ring so it will be interesting to see how many turn up to help and whether the rings struggle at certain times as I'm ring manager on Saturday.

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