Monday, 7 July 2008

Paws at Play and Ring Manager in the rain

Chugged off to Cranleigh in the camper for the weekend and couldn't believe the change in the weather, I know I live in England and should expect these things but it was still a shock. Friday night the wind picked up and carried on for the whole weekend and although there were some showers overnight Saturday was dry unlike Sunday when the heavens opened for most of the day.

Tom managed 5 Es over the weekend, Suzi a clear in jumping and Dudley got a 6th in agility. Although Tom got all those Es I was really pleased with him as it was me that caused the problems and not him. We started with agility on Saturday and after he missed his weaves I picked him up and jollyed him through as suggested by Nancy and I have to say it seemed to work as in his jumping he flew through but we now have another problem as for the rest of the weekend he came out of the last two weaves at speed and leapt over the next jump.

On Sunday I was Ring Manager and it was a really long day as although BAA say part of the entry conditions are that you have to help for an hour most of my ring party were the usual faces you see at KC shows, with some hard working exceptions from people who haven't been competing very long, who put in hours and kept coming back. My poor dogs didn't see much of me and although I made time to run Tom poor old Duds and little Suzi didn't get to do anything which was a real shame although Suzi wouldn't have run anyway as she doesn't do rain and mixing that with the wind meant that she wouldn't even come out of the van :)

I'm not sure that I like the BAA way of running all heights of dog against each and I don't think I would travel a long way to do one for this reason but if one was just down the road and there wasn't anything else going on I might. Scoring was all done on a PC away from the rings so full results were usually printed up and available 5 minutes after the class was closed BUT you couldn't see your time unless you got to look at the ticket before it went to the scorer so you had no idea if you were placed or not and I hope the KC shows don't got this way as even at UKA the scoring is done at the rings so you can see your ticket.

I think I need a new fridge for the camper as I couldn't get it going again so I was drinking tepid wine which isn't my favourite way of consuming alchohol.

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