Thursday, 31 July 2008

Just a quick update

Took Tom training last night and the difference was amazing, no sniffing, attention on me and working really well.

We did some work with sending into tunnels and steading over jumps to start with and I did just over half of the session on that side then took him out for a wee and a chill out as he started to not go on command, Mac thinks thinks this may be because he's getting worried about something which could be anything including the other dogs barking so to break the cycle I should give him a little rest. This seemed to work as we started on the other side and he was back to normal.

This side had weaves and pull throughs so Obay patented finger came into force although I did use just one and not two so only half royalties going to Bernadette.

His first entry into the weaves was a bit tentative but he went through all the way then did two lovely pull throughs then up over the A frame and another jump to finish. We did that in reverse and at the weaves he's obviously realised that it didn't hurt and whooshed through. I left it at that as I thought leaving on a good note and him wanting more was a good idea so we went for a cool down walk and a little gentle massage then popped him back in the car.

Suzi, who hates the surface, caught me out by tearing about as if she was on grass and going exactly where I pointed her even if she should have gone somewhere else :) I really have to watch this as of all my dogs she picks up my body language the quickest and if I use her name she usually comes straight to me which can be a b****r if I want her to just turn slightly or something.

I'm very positive about Aylesbury as it looks as if the weather isn't going to be so hot which means Dudley will be happier and I'm going to knobble Hudson by putting Tom in their garden with Kizzy and exhausting her by making them play :)

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