Saturday, 19 April 2008

God my instructor is nasty

No she really is, just because she's qualified for the European's. You'd think she'd be happy about it wouldn't you and be nice to her paying customers OH NO she made us do a horrible exercise that she said Nancy made her do although I can't believe that Nancy would be that horrible.

The above shows how how the jumps were set up and she made us do reverse turns all the way down and all the way back again, with Dudley I don't think I would have worried as to keep him going to do lots of reverse turns and blind pickups as I tend to be in front of him most of the time but the first time I did it with Tom I kept trying to cross behind him. He was very patient with my although since the school has been resurfaced it's much more sniffy and he was tempted away a couple of times.

I'm off to Wallingford tomorrow and like a fool I've entered the brace class with Tom and Suzi, not sure i'm going to survive running one after the other without oxygen :-)

Took them to another new walk today and although I know it's good for all of us I wish I lived somewhere less hilly. The walk was lovely and we will go again but I think it might be very popular in the summer so perhaps one for the evenings and winter months.


Hudsondoglets said...

Oops, sorry Paula. My fault! Another sequence from Greg's new DVD. Very useful exercise and one that I know Bernadette will love!

leah gardner said...

What do you mean? I'm just helping you get to be an even better handler than you already are.... any way it really was Nancy's fault! x

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