Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Easter Celebration

We were very lucky in that the show was able to move most rings indoors so unlike most of the other Easter shows it wasn't cancelled.

Saturday was very windy and snowed quite a bit but because the sun came out the indoor school warmed up a bit but Sunday although the wind had dropped it was freezing indoors and out and my lot were shivering sitting in the car even though they were wearing coats so I decided to just do Tom's 1-3 Agility and Suzi's 4-7 Agility and then came home.

Saturday was a great day as both Dudley and Suzi got places and Ton didn't go off on a sniff fest. I really enjoyed the courses we did judged by Lisa (Chi's Mum) indoors and a jumping round outside judged by David Isbister, and was chuffed to bits when Suzi came 10th in the 4-7 jumping. Dudley got an 8th in his 1-5 Agility and only threatened to bite me at the start so fingers crossed this is a sign of things to come.

On to Sunday, Tom's 1-3 Agility was first and I managed to get first in the queue so he didn't get distracted by queuing for too long. He did a stonking clear even with some paniccy calling of Tom,Tom,Tom instead of calm directionals:) He was in the lead for the rest of the class which while I was pleased in one way in another I didn't want to win as that would have meant winning into grade 4 and I want to run him at grade 3 for a bit longer, the whole of the summer if possible so he really settles. We ended up 2nd as the last dog beat us in a time of 32.16 against Tom's time of 32.25. I know these aren't the fastest times ever run over an agility course but I don't care.


Sharon said...

Well Done on you 2nd Place with Tom, you must be very chuffed.

Dan & Mac and their Dawgs said...

Well done Paula & Thomas, that's brilliant, rewards for lots of hard work!!

Lorna said...

Yay only just read this - WELL DONE on your 2nd Place :)

Lorna x

OBay Shelties said...

Yeah for Tom! And you of course!

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