Sunday, 6 January 2008

Not a lot happening at the moment, we start back at training this week so will hopefully have more to write about soon.

We have had some lovely walks and all the dogs have been coming home really muddy which they don't mind and luckily it brushes off when it dries but I have to admit I can't wait until it dries up and the evenings get lighter.

Dudley got in trouble yesterday at the stables, one of the stables has just had new planking put in at the bottom and Dudley decided that he could smell something interesting behind it, probably a rat, and started chewing at the wood until he'd pulled off a great big chunk. Quite rightly he was in big trouble but what annoyed me was that 5 people stood and watched him do it and not one told him off or called me to come and get him.

I'm having real trouble getting back into studying for the Canine Anatomy course I'm doing, I've done one of the questions which took 3 hours but I have still got about 8 more to do, I really need to sit down and get on with it but I can't seem to get started. I'm hoping that once I've done the first unit I'll find it easier as I really want to pass and perhaps move on to the diploma of canine massage course.

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Sarah and Leslie said...

Hi paula,
I linked your blog from one of the sheltie lot! I'm also struggling with the A+P course, if you want we could offer morral support to each other. My email is

From Sarah Osborne

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