Wednesday, 23 January 2008

and then for a massage...

After Tom's training session this morning we went to see Julia at Galen for some massage therapy. I took all three dogs as I wanted to make sure all was well before the season kicks in and if they needed any extra treatments now was a good time to get them started.

Dudley was first to go and even though he lets her do so much then wanders off and has to be brought back to have the other side done I think he really secretly enjoys it but likes to make out he doesn't. There was nothing seriously wrong and just needed some loosening up round his back legs, this could be caused by his all in wrestling matches with Tom and doesn't need anything else done.

Then it was Tom's turn and this was a bit more serious as he was really tight in his glutes (think that's the spelling) and is the probable cause of his 'terrier hop' which he's had since Christmas. The vet has already confirmed that it's not his patella or perthes which is the main thing. Julia did lots of deep massage on him and also some laser treatment, he wasn't very impressed by any of it and kept gently mouthing Julia and the laser gun to make the point he wasn't happy. She thinks he will be a bit sore for a few days and may hop a bit more but should loosen up quickly. I've got to carry on with the massage and make sure I really warm him up before agility to make sure he's nice and limber.

There was nothing wrong with Suzi at all and she was the one I thought had the problems.

The only problem we had was that two of the dogs wanted to play while the other one was being worked on:)

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