Thursday, 20 December 2007

Well no one else seems to be updating their blogs, anyone would think something important like Olympia or something was going on.

Last night was great fun and as usual well organised by Mac with some good courses by Wendy. Thomas' class ran 'not for competition' and were meant to use the runs to carry on the training which all the others did but even though Mac told me it was training just as I was about to start and I said 'Yes of course' the read mist came down and I just ran but Thomas was a star and even when I forgot to give directions he did what I asked with only a bit of sniffing. When we did the Helter Skelter I asked that he was timed, red mist again, and he was only just over 3 seconds slower than the fastest big dog and I know where he lost time so I'm chuffed to bits and really encouraged.

Suzi came 2nd in the agility and Dudley was 5th in the jumping so a good evening all round.

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