Tuesday, 27 November 2007

At last

I'm online and back to bore you all some more with my ramblings.

Firstly I have a boast to make, my little Suzi came 2nd in the Agility Club Small Grade 4 Dog of the Year and received a HUGE crystal vase which is nearly as heavy as her. I will take some pictures at the weekend so you can see what I mean.

Thomas decided last week that he no longer needed me as he knew all there was to know about agility and would therefore no longer be stopping on his dog walk contact, back to targeting every time I think. We went on a training day with Lee Windeatt and Toni Dawkins last Saturday. I learnt loads about different ways to handle and Thomas found a great big pile of horse poo which made his day but frustrated the hell out of me as I had to keep collecting him from it.


Hudsondoglets said...

Well done Suzi. Fantastic result.

Lian said...

Well done Paula and Suzi!

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