Thursday, 11 October 2007

On a real high last night after training. Wendy set up a small course of 9 obstacles including 2 tunnels and the weaves. The weaves were V'd and we did a straight line entry into them and one turning left into them over a jump. It wasn't a hard entry or anything and nothing more than all the dogs had done before but I was so pleased as he was ahead of me and I said 'left, go weave' and in he popped, shot through and over the finish jump. Wendy had left the start and finish open and closed the middle bit up nearly upright and he didn't even look as if he was going to pop out.

What a relief after Dudley and Suzi to get a dog that seems to love the weaves.

1 comment:

Swibbs R us said...

Glad you're having fun with Thomas, sounds like he'll be the man at weaving!! cu soon Dan & Mac

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