Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Flight of fancy

I was looking at the diary for next year and noticed that Wallingford have split their show to have small/mediums one day and large the other. This year it was all mixed and if it hadn't been I wonder if I would have Thomas as I wouldn't have seen Leah until the Monday and would probably have talked myself out of it by then!!! I wouldn't have sat down with some certain large dog handlers and been persuaded what a gorgeous little dog he was (as if I needed that really) and he wouldn't have come home 'just overnight so he doesn't have to sleep at a show with stitches' (as if he would have worried about that)
Also Nancy would have one more wine glass as Dudley managed to break one!


Hudsondoglets said...

Erm, I'm still kicking myself for talking you into having Thomas. I just know he suited me best. Still, once he's fully trained he'll be coming to me - I'm sure that's what we agreed, especially in light of the broken wine glass (which, incidentally, I had forgotten all about until you reminded me!)
Tee hee hee!

Which Way Now Tom Tom said...

I'm sure Dad would let you have him like a shot especially as he likes to chew things.
See what he's like on Saturday you may change your mind.

The Oldies said...

In his other life, ie as Sam, he was prone to chewing and we have many reminders of his then sharp baby teeth on bits all over the house but when scolded he melted one with his eyes and was always forgiven

Which Way Now Tom Tom said...

Oh he still has those eyes and uses them to great affect!!

Don't worry he's here to stay I quite often catch him and Dad having deep meaningful conversations.

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