Monday, 8 October 2007

Blimey he was full of it on Friday night and I noticed him starting to jump off the A frame so am having a rethink on how to train this as I think he's having trouble with the 2 on 2 off contact, he is fine on the dog walk so it may be he just can't stop comfortably on the steeper incline.

He's a sniffy dog too and there were some lovely smells in the school on Friday which kept distracting him, can see this becoming a problem, so kept losing him in places and then pulling him past jumps. I have to admit to getting frustrated with his sniffing and told him off which he couldn't have cared less about and I'm sure I saw him stick his fingers up at me as I was turning away.

We went to Stour Valley showground on Saturday to help set up and while they were sorting out the rosettes and trophies he sneaked in and stole one of the trophies luckily he didn't get far and there were no teeth marks in it but at least it shows he's keen to get some trophies!!

Talking of Stour Valley, what a great venue provided by Rob and Rita and the exercise area was enormous. Wendy and I competed in the pairs with Suzi and her collie Gem and we came 4th, I like pairs as it's normally fun and my partners don't mind if I cock up.

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