Monday, 17 September 2007

Thomas comes to live with Dudley

Dudley had been a happy only dog for over 5 years when the Thomas joined us on 21st April 2007, he was 7 months old and was being rehomed by an elderly couple through Many Tears Rescue as he was bought as a pomeranian to be a companion/lap dog but had kept growing. When they contacted the breeder they were told that the sheltie must have got in with the mother. Thomas is not a lap dog and needs to be kept amused or he finds is own amusements and these lovely people took the heartbreaking decision to rehome him for his own good which resulted in me getting a phone call from my agility instructor saying that she was fostering this fantastic dog that she thought would suit me down to the ground. I was not so sure but said I'd have a look at him the next day as we were going to a show and I could let him meet Dudley and my Dad's dog Suzi.

All night and for the whole drive to the show I kept telling myself I don't want another dog yet, the time isn't right but as soon as I saw him I knew he was the dog for me.

1 comment:

zandd said...

Thomas you struck lucky when you wen to live with Dudley you know - even if he's a grump spmetimes......

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