Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Thomas' agility training

I have started this blog so I can keep an online record of Thomas' agility training.

He has had 10 lessons now and has taken to it like duck to water, he loves doing his contacts and has realised that he needs to go over the jumps rather than round them and even with the handicap of my handling has started to show some real potential.

It's lovely to train a dog that wants to learn as much as he does and is so enthusiastic, Dudley loves his agility but thinks doing something more than once is boring so is hard work to keep motivated for the whole lesson. I find myself forgetting that he's only a baby and has only had a few lessons and keep expecting him to be able to do some of the things Dudley and Suzi can do.

We have just started back at training after out summer break and he seems to have remembered all he's learnt up til now and has just started to weave, he will find the entrance almost every time but gets a bit excited and misses a few, at the moment I'm not correcting this overly and let him finish the weaves and bring him back a bit later to have another go. We have also been working on directional commands such as left and right and he's picked these up quickly, I just need to remember them now!.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhh, he sounds good! Boy pups are so cute, is he small or medium?
Great website, very well maintained

Val said...

Pheobe started her training two weeks ago. Too soon to tell if she will take to it...but I'm having so much fun with her anyway. Good luck with Thomas

Andy & Nancy said...

Sounds like his training his coming on really well. Nice blog!

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