Thursday, 27 September 2007

There were 8 newbies last night and 4 had done a bit so we were put in one group and the others went in the other group. Wendy started us off by targeting the dogs to a treat over 4 small jumps to see how they worked ahead of us, some were better than others so we did this few times to give the dogs a chance to work out what we wanted then we moved on to sending them through a tunnel to the target. It's amazing how quick they pick this up and how quickly they get used to going ahead of you.

Then we had a go at weaves, we used V weaves right open to start with so that Wendy could see if the dogs understood them and to see how we handled them then they were put closer together but not upright. Thomas thought they were great and was whizzing through like a pro even though we've only done a bit but I started off by rushing him a bit and trying to race him which made him pop put. I have to be a bit more patient and try and remember he's a baby.

The lesson was half an hour which I think was just right and a group of 4 works really well, we're looking forward to next week


Val said...

As I put on Phoebe's blog, I have to make myself more exciting than a peice of horse poo in the sand...And I thought poodles were dainty darlings.....Sounds like your training is going well Paula.

Anonymous said...

Training videos! He sounds good and his training sounds even more fantastic

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