Monday, 24 September 2007

Suffolk Five Rivers

Well we're back and what a great show Suffolk Five Rivers is, I have never been before but will definatly be back.

The boys spent most of the weekend wrestling around the garden with odd breaks for Thomas to play with Suzi whilst Dudley looked on barking as he thought he was being left out. It's so relaxing to be able to sit and watch them play and enjoy themselves.

Tom loves walking round the rings and watching all the other dogs and I really think being able to do this will help when we start to compete as he will be so used to the noise and bustle of what's going on. I have even queued with him with someone holding Dudley for me and he's totally unfazed by it.

I had a good weekend results wise too as I came home with 5 3rds, 2 for Dudley and 3 for Suzi I was chuffed to bits as you can imagine. Poor Suzi had an unfortunate collision with the side of a collapsy tunnel which was partly my fault as I should have worked it a bit harder instead of assuming she would go in, she was the 2nd dog out of 4 that had run to do the same thing and luckily after someone had a chat with the Show Secretary the course was adjusted and restarted and Suzi went back to come 3rd having got all her contacts again. It was great to actually have graded classes for the small and mediums and compete against our peers and know that they are competive within their grades.

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Lian said...

Don't we all enjoyed the lovely 5 Rivers show? Well done to you and Dudley and Suzi.

Lian & the boys x

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