Thursday, 20 September 2007

Not much to add today other than we are all off to Suffolk Five Rivers show tomorrow for the weekend, all the dogs seem to like being away in my tiny camper van but Dudley and Thomas are quite adept at getting under the fence and going to chat to the neighbours, usually when I'm washing up so that I glance out of the window and see two dogs that look just like mine!

Dudley has never had to be the boss before and at the moment there seems to be a slight power struggle going on between him and Thomas. Poor Duds tries to tell Tom off when he's being over the top or has got something he wants but Tom doesn't back down which then turns into a slanging match, bit like the fight in Bridget Jones' Diary all noise and nothing else, one big 'Oi' from me usually stops it but it's something I'll have to keep an eye on as I think it'll be poor old Dudley that comes off worse if it develops into anything more.

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